Thursday, July 17, 2008

We were good, Spiders were better

We played well tonight, especially on defense and pitching. Our one problem is we couldn't hit the Spiders pitchers. The final score was 6-1.

We saw several great plays at first and pitching from Colin, Neil, Chris and Tim. Colin had an unassisted double play! Ezra stole two bases and got our one run. Special thanks to Michael for coming in to get the last out.

We also discovered we weren't following HGRA rules correctly ...
HGRA BaseBall Rules

...No pitcher may pitch more than two innings per game. The pitched innings must be consecutive. No player may play more than two innings at any one defensive position, except catcher if no other player wishes to catch...
The pitcher innings rule is a bit odd, as we've also been told by the Commissioner that it's not two innings, it's six consecutive outs. The Spiders were ok with that though, the problem is we had Colin on 1st four times.

The rule isn't hard to follow really, so we'll stick to it next time.

Tuesday is our Bandits-family game. We know Luke will miss the Tuesday practice; Ezra will be at practice but will miss the Thursday game. Please let us know of other absences.

Sue Peterson took a team picture, I'll post a scan once I get a copy. Thanks Sue!