Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HGRA 2008 Majors Tournament: standings and games

We’ve got our games and standings for the 2008 Majors.
If I’m reading the tournament schedule correctly, this Thursday we play the Bees at 6:30 pm Riverside 1 (see schedule for field location). We beat the Bees 16-10 on June 26th, when Luke MT was disabled.

Here's my interpreation of how things play out for the Bandits, but check the tournament link for the official summary: I'll ask Marty, Peter and Gregg to confirm I have this right:

We play Thur and either ...
Win -> Play 8:30 am at Homecroft East then either
Win -> Play 1:30 pm at Homecroft West (Championship)
Lose -> Play 11:00 am at Homecroft West (3rd place)
Lose -> Play 11:00 am at Homecroft East
Win -> Play 1:00 pm at Homecroft East (Consolation champion)
Lose -> Enjoy extra treats!
So if we win Thur we will have two games on Saturday. If we lose on Thur we may have 1 or 2 games on Saturday.