Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last regular season game, parents practice, treats and more

It's the last game of the regular season tonight. Next Thursday's game is a playoff game, then Saturday 7/26 is a our last day (see note on playoffs). It may be stormy today, but there's a good chance it will clear by this evening.

We're tied with about four teams for third at the moment. The Spiders are a strong team, but with Luke MT back in the lineup we have new firepower. We may surprise them.

We'll be distributing our strongest hitters throughout the lineup, so the batting order will change.

If anyone can't attend tonight please email me or phone me at 651-336-5548 so we can correct the rotation. Joey O'Connor is bringing treats tonight.

Next Tuesday's practice will be parents vs. Bandits. Grandparents welcome too. The non-Bandits will bat with Bandit bats and will hit on their non-preferred side (ex. righties bat left).

I think Luke MT, Michael and Tim have not yet brought snacks. Let me know if this isn't right. We can cover the Saturday games.

We're going to try to get a team picture in uniform before the 7/26 game. I did do an informal picture before the last practice (Charlie was not there). I'll do another informal picture at next practice.

Let's hope for clear skies tonight!