Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanks for a great season!

I hope to see some of the kids in Penguin baseball this fall (see prior posting) and next summer in HGRA!

All the best,

(PS. I'll take this blog offline in a month or so.)

John Faughnan (assist coach)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Penguin Baseball Academy: September-December

I have a flyer (PDF) for the HGRA Penguin Baseball program. This is a 6 Saturday indoor baseball skills program from Sept-December.

Cost $45, ages 8-12 (as of 8/31) at Highland Park High School Fieldhouse. Sounds like a lot of fun, Tim and I will probably do it.

I couldn't find a flyer on the HGRA site; I'll ask for one.

Update 7/19/06: I made a technical mistake and the above link didn't work. Sorry, it should work now.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Parents vs. Redhawks: Last practice 9/15 9am

Our last practice is this Saturday, 7/15 at 9 am. Yeah, it's too soon! (The last game is Tuesday 7/18)

For this practice we'll have a Redhawks vs. Parents game. Hint -- the kids win.

We particularly need parents with very weak baseball skills and strong self-respect, but we'll take the good players too (maybe they can use the t-ball bats). We will rotate but I suggest reserving first base for parents who can't catch. Anyone who's seen me at practice knows I qualify.

Hope to see mothers, fathers and older friends and relatives show up with their gloves. If you have more than one adult glove bring it along for the bravest of the brave -- parents who don't have gloves but are willing to play. Parents are urged not to slide or dive -- ambulances slow the game.