Saturday, July 25, 2009

BeeHawks win final game over the Buckeyes 7-5

Four Redhawks joined six Bees to form the powerhouse BeeHawks!

In a tight exciting game we defeated the cross-town rival Buckeyes 7-5. The Bucks pulled close at the end, but Jane Gephart pulled out the save.

In the first and last BeeHawks game we had (left to right) Tim, Jane, Jake, Joe, Alec, Asher (with bat), Jesper (joined us Thursday!), Ben, Aidan and David (who somehow missed our 4th inning picture, click the picture for full sized version.

A special thanks goes to our 'Hawks who allowed us to play a very fun game.

The Bees coaches had decided ahead of the game that it would be fair to advance to the final consolation game even if we won since we had so few remaining Bees. So, despite a triumphant performance, this was our final game of the 2009 season.

Fall Ball is in September, don't forget to register on the official site!

Many thanks to all who contributed to a great season from Coaches Marty, Paul and John. A special thanks to our official scorekeeper and unofficial assistant coach Dan Taylor and to Commissioner Dennis Merley for getting us to this final game.

Update: I've uploaded team images to private site and sent out the page link in a private email. If you need the link, just email

Friday, July 24, 2009

Game saturday

We're going to make a go at the playoff game Saturday. We have 6 players and Commissioner Dennis is hunting down 3 more.

See you there!

Update: I'm working on the rotation. If we have six players we can still play, though we'd technically forfeit I'm sure we can get a game. We'd have Ben play roving outfield depending on his call on pitcher and batter, and we'd play 3 deep infielders with positions depending on base positions. I'm expecting we'll probably have 8 though with two additions.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bees get 8 runs, Saturday game 11am at Homecroft East

We hit well tonight! We also pitched well -- but man, the Seals can hit. They are the hittingest team we've seen.

Tonight was we had eight hard core Bees in attendance and we were joined for the Major League debut of Jesper Selverda. Jesper did very well!

Of the original Bees team we had Jimmy, Wiley, Collin, Oscar, Aidan, Tim, Asher and Will. Liam and Jesper filled out our numbers.

We really appreciated Tim and Wiley who pitched well against some big bats. Aidan was a great catcher too and made a big foul ball catch.

A Saturday game would be at 11am at Homecroft East. For that game we would have Tim, Aidan, Asher, Jesper, David and Ben and we'd need 3 additions from the three teams that are eliminated in the 8:30 am games. Commissioner Dennis is determining if that's really feasible. I'll update this page and contact everyone by email as soon as we know more.

It's been a challenging season for the Bees, but I think it's also been a lot of fun for all who played.

Don't forget -- Fall Ball is coming (see prior post and main site)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bees games Thursday and Saturday – we have a plan (and Fall Ball!)

We had a terrific scrimmage and team party yesterday. I’m happy to say that my ankle is recovering from my son Tim’s 100mph fastball.

After the scrimmage we were concerned about having enough players for Thursday and Saturday.

It’s still close and I’m working on getting confirmation from one family, but I think we’ll be good for our big Thursday game. Jesper Selverda will be coming up from the Minors to help us out. We will have opportunities for pitchers!

If we lose on Thursday we play 11am on Saturday and Commissioner Merley will find players for us from the teams lose earlier in the day.

If we win on Thursday we’ll be scrambling to find players for Saturday morning and Commissioner Merley will help us with that.

The player positions web page has the latest summary of who we think will be available on each day.

So we expect to have some fun opportunities for our Bees players on Thursday and Saturday. On Saturday Free Davanni's pizza and drinks will be available for lunch, courtesy of HGRA Baseball.

I think we can be considered underdogs, so everyone should aim to have fun and not worry about making mistakes. In other words, swing and go for the ball!

Lastly, we’re staring Fall Ball in September, registration is online after 7/23:

... HGRA Fall Baseball is on deck. The league is open to anyone with a date of birth between 9-1-96 and 8-31-00. We start on Sept. 13, at 1:00 and will play every Sunday at that time until the weather stops us. If we get enough players, a team might get to play a double header or two.
There are no practices - just games on Sundays. All games are at the Homecroft School fields on Edgcumbe and Sheridan Rd.
Starting Thursday, July 23, you can register online for Fall Ball. Just follow the directions listed on our home page. Then show up at Homecroft on Sept. 13 at 1:00 ready to play...