Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No practice Memorial Day weekend (Saturday), thanks for the water, batting rotation

Great game everyone, thanks parents for bringing snacks, bring water (!!! - special thanks), and coaching 1st and 3rd.

There's no practice Memorial Day weekend (Saturday). Of course you can bring a glove and ball on your travels ...

I messed up on the batting rotations, Dan had us cycling the rotation each game but I missed that. So next game we'll hop down the line and then the starting batter will cycle with each game. One of our players brought it up, I'd originally thought I'd flip the rotation mid season but cycling is better. Sorry!

Please send suggestions to me or Dan!

We'll see everyone at the next game on Tuesday, Peter's Dad is bringing snacks then.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Redhawks Update: roster, water, marking gear, helping out

Great game today. I now have pictures and jersey numbers of our team on the roster. As before the password is "hgra" (no quotes). Sorry for the hassle, there's a reason for the password. Now that we have everyone's picture on it I'll hand out copies next practice, or you can print your own.

The batting order starts out the same way every time (see the roster), it would help if you asked your child who's before and after them in the roster. If we can get them to line up that way it will help your beleagured assistant coach. Thanks also to parents who have volunteered to count against the roster so we know who's up next.

If you notice there's no-one coaching first or third please run out and join up. It's easy to do. No knowledge required, you can learn on the job.

It's going to get hot now (yay). If parents bring an old milk jug full of ice water and paper cups that's great. I'll try to remember too.

All our future practices are at Macalester, same field as today, 9am Saturday.

Remember to write your child's name on gloves, caps, and batting gloves.

I think that's all for now ...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Practice tomorrow: Riverside Field 10am

Tomorrow is our last 10am practice at Riverside Field - corner of Lexington and Montreal. Next week we'll be at Macalester starting at 9am.

The weather ought to be awful:
Saint Paul Weather Forecasts on Yahoo! Weather

Cloudy with showers. High 54F. Winds NNW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 40%
Dress warmly and bring raingear and large umbrellas.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

HGRA Redhawks: Roster and contact info: Redhawks 2006

HGRA Redhawks: Roster and contact info: Redhawks 2006
has been updated with a new combination roster and treat schedule.

To prevent misuse of email addresses by software robots, it's encrypted. If you click on the above link the password is


All by itself.

At our next practice I'll write down jersey numbers and print it for everyone for the next game. It includes batting order so parents can spot when I miss someone and help me count to 10! (I need help, for the next game I'm recruiting a parent to help me with some of that!)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

HGRA Lessons: $10 for a 30 minute lesson

It's a particularly good deal for two kids - $15.
About HGRA Baseball: Private lessons

We offer private lessons to any HGRA T-ball or baseball player. For just $10.00, your child gets a 30-minute personal lesson with a local high school or college player. You choose hitting, fielding or pitching - we make sure your child gets personalized attention from people who really know the game. For two kids together, or for a full hour of one-on-one instruction, it’s just $15.00 total.

Monday Night Pitching Camp

Redhawks players are eligible for this program:
About HGRA Baseball: Monday Night Pitching Camp

Any Minor or Major Leaguer can drop by the Carondelet softball field (next to Expo School) at 7:00 on Monday nights for an hour of free pitching instruction. If your child wants to learn to pitch or improve their skills, let our high school and college pitchers from our Penguin Baseball program work with them. We also are planning a special visit or two from St. Thomas Academy pitching coach and former Twins minor leaguer Bill Mauer. These sessions begin on May 1.