Friday, July 27, 2007

HGRA Baseball Seals - End of the 2007 season

The Seals played our best game of the season on Thursday, but the Greys were the better team that night. They may contend for the championship. I was glad our team hung together, and played well up to the last out.

Saturday we play at 11am against the Mustangs at 11:00 am at Homecroft Elementary East Field. If we win we'll play a 2nd game, also at Homecroft, at 1:30 pm on the same field. There's not much time between games, so players may need lunch and lots of fluids. Coach Mike tells me there may be pizza before the 2nd game but I think a backup lunch is probably wise.

I have Brendan as off and Nate as uncertain. Nate is down for snacks, so if he can't make it we may need to ask someone to make a snack run during the game.

We're playing with the rotation again. We're going to try Tim pitching in the 3rd, depending on how he does we'll have either him or Tommy pitch the 4th. Tommy will pitch two innings, so either the 5th and 6th or 4th and 5th. We are going to try to get our best pitchers on either end of the game as we expect this one may be close. We're also going to try to strengthen the field in the third inning to help Tim out. Melanie is still hurt so we'll try to rest her a bit in the 1st game. Austin also has a sore ankle, so we'll try to keep him down to catching only twice and SS once. Luiz is healthy but does best on SS, so we're moving Tommy back to 2B.

As always, our rotation is here.