Friday, July 13, 2007

HGRA Majors 2007 Tournament Brackets - July 26th and Sat July 28th.

(corrected 7/16/07 w/ Mike Vento's help)

The tournament brackets are available for the upcoming majors tournament (click on link to see them). Regardless if we win or lose on Thursday 7/26 we will play on Saturday 7/28.

Here are the possible scenarios and game times where we could be slotted (sites TBD)

If we win on Thursday 7/26, we would play two games for certain on Saturday 7/28
Game time – 8:30 am on Saturday
and either:
Third Place Game – 11:00 am (if we lose on Saturday morning)
Championship - 1:30pm (if we win on Saturday morning)
If we lose on Thursday 7/26, there is a consolation bracket where we could possibly play two games
Game time – 8:30am or 11am (winners play for the consolation championship)
Consolation championship – 1:30pm
We’ll know more about whom we’ll play and where after our game this Thursday against the Greys.