Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New players, Team party 7/21, Fall Ball, Playoffs

We have two new players moving up from the Minors - Liam Morrisey and Matthew Goldade. Both are excellent ball players. Liam will be away Thursday but Matthew will be on duty. Sophie has decided to retire from baseball - she had a lot going on this summer.

I've done part of the rotation for our Thur game. Even with our two additions we only expect 11 players. We know Aidan, David, Jimmy and Liam will be away. If you will be late for the game or will miss it please let coach john know (jfaughnan@gmail.com). Please try to arrive around 6pm.

Oscar will bring treats Thursday. There's a glitch on one of the web site schedules, but the schedule on this site is correct (see above).

Our 7/21 practice will be a team party. Parents, family and friends vs. the Bees. Coaches will bring treats. Usual time and place - Aldine field, 7pm.

We have two regular season games left, then the playoffs. The official web site front page has information on the playoffs and on Fall ball.