Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bees lance Hawks 13-9

The Bees are moving up.

Last week we lost a squeaker with the 3rd place Spiders. Tonight we decisively beat the Redhawks who were previously tied for 2nd place.

We are competitive with any team in the HGRA Majors. That means on any night we will put up a good fight and we can certainly win.

We did well just about everywhere. I'm impressed with Oscar's fielding readiness and his keen attitude. Tim did very well catching, hitting and pitching -- he saved the game for us in the 5th, allowing only 1 run and making the game ending out on a hard bounce and a smooth toss to Ben.

Ben excelled at pitching, fielding and hitting. Matthew played his very first game in the Majors and was one of our best fielders -- and had a lovely double.

We all did well at bat - nice hit Lucas!

The Hawks and we were equally matched at bat. They were stronger in the field. We won because we had strong pitching performances from John, Ben and Tim.

When we're at full strength we have a large number of pitchers. That will really make a difference in our championship games when most teams run out of pitchers. If we keep our numbers up we may surprise several teams over the next two weeks. I know we shocked the Hawks tonight.