Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thur Jun 11 game, All Star Game, unofficial outing to Grand Slam 6/20

The rotation is up for Thur game vs. the Bandits at Highland Senior High field. It’s likely to change. At this time we don’t know of any absences, but Oscar hurt his knee and could miss. If everyone shows we have 15 players, so there’s lots of bench time to distribute. Catchers spend less time on the bench; thanks Wylie for helping catch. All else being equal players who miss practice without advanced notice will also pick up some extra bench time but I do try to distribute it evenly.

Note our batting order is relatively fixed.

Today Lucas, Jimmy and William missed practice. If anyone will miss the game Thursday please email john at jfaughnan@gmail.com or phone 651-336-5548. Lucas is bringing treats on Thursday.

We’re doing well with hitting, so this practice we focused on fielding and pitching. We currently have two regular pitchers (John and Tim) and 3-5 others who are willing to step up when called. Max is keen to give it a go. Pitching is tough, we sure appreciate those who take the mound for the team. We hope to develop some more regular pitchers so that if someone’s having a bad day we can move things around. Pitching clinic is Monday and we appreciate those who have attended. We have asked Commissioner Dennis to send us one of his pitching coaches for next practice.

The All Star game is scheduled for Sunday June 28th, all payers born before [removed date, it's wrong] are eligible. There’s usually a 12:30 and a 3:00 game, players are assigned to teams at random and are notified of their team a week or so ahead. Dennis must receive confirmation by June 19th. We’ve handed information sheets to the players.

For the Bees we have Collin, Tim, Lucas, Jimmy, David, Ben, Wiley and Oscar as eligible.

On June 20th we’re going to do an unofficial pay-your-own-way team outing to Grand Slam in Burnsville. Players are invited to wear their team jerseys. This isn’t official HGRA, it’s just for fun. We will have coaches at the batting cages. We’ll see if Coach Marty can hit the high speed pitches!