Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seven players absent - but we still played (swine flu?)

We had seven players absent and we were up against one of the better teams -- but we still played and did our best.

Our pitchers did well, but we were missing some of better fielders and hitters. I won't bother repeating the score!

Oscar has an injured knee and Will had a conflict. Wylie, Ben, Jimmy, Aaron, Aidan are all out with fever. One player is now being treated for Swine Flu, so it's something to ask about if fever, sore muscles and cough persist. H1N1 (swine) flu is fairly common in Minnesota but it's not a severe flu (though it's not fun to have any influenza). The MN Dept of Health has a very good set of recommendations that everyone should at least review.

For our next practice we'll continue to develop our pitchers and hitting and we're going to target our outfielders for special drills. We're getting special pitching coaches to come in and work with our pitchers.

Saturday June 20th is our unofficial trip to Grand Slam. Please review the All Star Game  information and let us know if your player can attend.

Thank you to all the people who notified us of absences today. Of all the coaches I'm best able to check email during the day so please always copy Everyone did send a notice, though the volume was so high I missed Aidan's illness notice!