Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lessons from a forgetable game - this is Minnesota

Only one coach was properly dressed tonight, and he had to surrender his jacket to the cause (His son, however, wasn't dressed properly!).

Most of our players were so cold they were playing less than their best. It's hard to play ball when you're shivering.

We're going to forget everything about this game -- except that players and coaches need to dress for the weather.
I've added a new paragraph to our orientation handout:
Welcome to the Bandits (Team 5)

...Weather: This is Minnesota. We've had near freezing rain at the end of May and boiling heat in June. Water for hot days is essential. On cold days wear layers beneath the jersey. One layer can be a rain jacket with hood, another good combination is T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt/turtleneck, and then jersey...

Also, please be sure caps have names in them.

Next week, we're back to practice and we play ball again. Let us speak no more of whatever team we played against tonight!