Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bandits news: game, coaches away, etc

A few sundry Bandits announcements

  • Please let John ( know of anyone besides Luke MT who won't play tomorrow -# 4 – Highland Senior High north softball field (Snelling & Montreal)
  • Chris Kelley is bringing snacks tomorrow. (See the position and snack schedule.)
  • Please be at the game field by 6:10 pm.
  • Coach John Faughnan will be away from June 17 to July 2nd. Marty is away @ June 21. So we're recruiting backup coaches to fill in. John can help with creating the rotation schedule (hardest part of the job!) while traveling. Please let us know of your vacation plans if possible so we can adjust rotations. (See Bandits Calendar for known absences.)
  • We'll be looking for parent volunteers to help keep score during the game and to record noteworthy plays so we can mention them during our post-game huddle.
  • We're looking for used (i.e. affordable) pitching machines and hitting aides (es. Joe Mauer hitting thingie). If you see a good option on Craigslist or know of one please email John.
  • We're going to work on an outing to a fun spot with a pitching machine. More later ...