Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seals: getting ready for our next game

Another great Seals game though I think all the players tonight were feeling the distractions of the busy end-of-school schedule. The usual suspects had some very nice hits tonight, but it was good to see others joining in too. Practice helps.

Also tonight Coach Mike distributed some Seals baseball cards he made up for our team. Each player has a pack of their own cards and one of every other card. Mike wins Coach of the Week this week!

We have seven potential pitchers -- that's almost unheard of. We'll be rotating candidates around so newer pitchers get more confidence. We also have two established catchers and one up and coming candidate. We're continuing to work on hitting and base running. Our practices run officially for one hour, but coaches will usually stay later to work with anyone who's interested. Pitching clinics are Monday nights, 7pm, at the Expo School field -- highly recommended.

Anyone who wants to catch can also attend the pitching clinics to practice catching. (Full protective gear is required, so make arrangements with coaches to have that ahead of time.)

I've done a very preliminary revision of HGRA Majors Seals 2007 batting order and positions. We moved Tommy to 3rd in the order to take better advantage of his hitting skills. There's a link on the left side of this page that will take you to this. Send comments, requests, feedback, etc to