Thursday, May 24, 2007

Post-game and positions for Game 3 (Homecroft)

That was unnaturally cold. I watched 'The Day After Tomorrow' on a late flight @2 am Thursday and I was having flashbacks during the game.

We played a very strong team to a draw. Great effort and spirit from everyone. We did have to explain to players that Little League rules mean that sometimes players play the same position twice or may sit out two innings in a row. We construct our rotation around pitchers and catchers, and pitchers have to pitch two consecutive innings.

We're working on the rotation for the next game. If everyone shows up then two players sit out three innings, I picked the unlucky players based on who played the most today. So if someone sits out 3 times the next game, they should only sit out 2 times the game after.

The draft rotation is here: HGRA Majors Seals positions 2007. Please email (or Marty, etc) if you'll be away on 5/31 or if you see an error or injustice. We'll try to sort it out in advance.

I'd like to hand out the rotation at our next practice so everyone knows where they'll be ahead of time. The batting order should not change and that's on the schedule too.

Update 5/31/07: We have an abundance of pitchers now, so we're rotating 7 pitchers through six innings. This makes the schedule easier.