Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2007 Season: notes from the commissioner

Commissioner Dennis Merley sent some notes out to the coaches. Here are excerpts of interest to everyone:
3. Groveland 3 is the field on the west side of Groveland Elementary that borders Sargent Ave. Groveland 4 is the field on the west side of the school on the corner of Cleveland and St. Clair. Other fields - Highland Senior is the softball field on the corner of Snelling and Montreal, Hillcrest is the field in the Northwest corner by the parking lot, Homecroft is the east field that borders Edgcumbe Road. If you have questions about these fields, let me know.

7. If you are looking for coaching guidance, I recommend "Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way". It's a well-written guide to teaching skills and running practices, and it seperates everything by age groups. The age groups more or less correspond to what we do so the suggestions should be pretty applicable. It's available for $11.00 on Amazon. ..