Sunday, July 19, 2009

HGRA 2009 Major League Tournament and practice reminder

We finished tied with Buckeyes, Bees and Mustangs with a 2/7 record - officially 7th place.

We play the 2nd place Seals Thursday at 6:30pm at Highland Senior High.

We might yet surprise the Seals, but if we don't then we'll play Saturday 7/25 11am at Homecroft East (see the brackets for what happens if we win!). If we win that game we play again at 1:15pm. We expect to have pizza and drinks for the 11:30 - 12:30 time frame on Saturday, and a portable bathroom will be available.

Again, see the brackets for the official story, I'll bring a printed version to our practice/party.

Tuesday 7/21 is our practice/party. It starts at 7pm (usual time) at Aldine. We'll have treats for all. Parents and adult supporters please bring your gloves to play!