Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bees get 8 runs, Saturday game 11am at Homecroft East

We hit well tonight! We also pitched well -- but man, the Seals can hit. They are the hittingest team we've seen.

Tonight was we had eight hard core Bees in attendance and we were joined for the Major League debut of Jesper Selverda. Jesper did very well!

Of the original Bees team we had Jimmy, Wiley, Collin, Oscar, Aidan, Tim, Asher and Will. Liam and Jesper filled out our numbers.

We really appreciated Tim and Wiley who pitched well against some big bats. Aidan was a great catcher too and made a big foul ball catch.

A Saturday game would be at 11am at Homecroft East. For that game we would have Tim, Aidan, Asher, Jesper, David and Ben and we'd need 3 additions from the three teams that are eliminated in the 8:30 am games. Commissioner Dennis is determining if that's really feasible. I'll update this page and contact everyone by email as soon as we know more.

It's been a challenging season for the Bees, but I think it's also been a lot of fun for all who played.

Don't forget -- Fall Ball is coming (see prior post and main site)