Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bees 8, the other team 9, All Start Game info, Practice next week, end-season party tentatively July 30.

We looked good at our last game. Good hitting, some nice catches, and very good pitching. I really appreciate Ben Taylor stepping up; he’d been reluctant to pitch until now. With Ben, John, Lucas, Wiley, Aidan and Tim all pitching we’ve got people to go to and we can manage away times.

We were playing a very strong team, and they really didn’t expect any problems. We surprised them! It really could have gone either way.

This Sunday is the All Star game at Highland Senior Softball field. I’ve published the roster.

Commissioner Dennis wrote:

HGRA Baseball's 9th annual All Star Event is scheduled for Sunday, June 28.  We play two games - one at 12:30 and one at 3:00…

If you are on the Red or the Blue team on the roster, you play at 12:30 and should plan to arrive at our regular Highland Senior Softball field no later than 12:00

If you are on the Purple or Gold team, you play at 3:00 and should plan to arrive no later than 2:30.

More detailed instructions on what to wear, etc. have been mailed to your home - basically, wear your regular uniform pants, socks and cap, and the all star jersey we will give you can either be worn over or instead of your regular shirt.

Please note that these rosters are final and cannot be altered.

As always, there will be contests and games between innings for siblings and family members, and prizes this year include tickets to the Saints game on July 11, so please try to make this a family event.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide concessions this year.

Let us know ASAP if you have any questions, or if your plans have changed.  Otherwise, we will see you on Sunday for this always entertaining and exciting event!

I’m helping with the 12:30 pm Blue team including Wiley, Tim and Ben. Marty is helping with the Purple Team with Collin, Lucas and David.

Be sure to bring fluids and shade!

Coach John will be at practice this Tuesday (yay). Marty is going to be teaching a unit on player positions. Our players are ready now to start thinking about what they ought to do when the ball is hit – including what to do when it’s NOT hit to them.


We’re getting to the end of the season; we wrap up on July 25th! We’ve tentatively scheduled a team party on July 30th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. John is still checking with Paul and Marty on availability July 21 from 7pm to 8:30 at Aldine field.

At the end of season party Coaches will bring treats. We’ll have a Parents vs. Bees scrimmage so you might want to start practicing now.