Thursday, May 14, 2009

We did fine in our first game

Well, technically we lost, but I felt pretty good.

At our last bats we told the players to just swing and have fun -- at that point we couldn't win given the 10 batter rule. Turns out, we can really hit when we swing!

Everyone did better after the second inning. We have several good and promising pitchers; that's really going to help. We now have two solid catchers (thank you Aidan and Tim); Aidan had never caught before but did great. When Collin is fitted with new gear we'll have 3 catchers.

I was happy to see several players in long sleeves (David, Sophie and ?). They looked a lot more comfortable than most of the team when the sun went down. May and June can be cold.

At our next practice we'll drill on grounders and throwing to first, relays from the outfield, and player position. For position we'll try this (hopefully fun) drill ...
  1. 9 players start at home
  2. each runs to a position.
  3. out of position players do a push up.
This should be a good Bees year.

PS. One of the Redhawks is new to HGRA but will probably be promoted to the post-Majors league. Yes, he's the guy who it two home runs and struck us out so quickly. So next time we play the Redhawks things will be closer!