Thursday, May 21, 2009

Very good game two vs. the Grays

I was happy with our 6-4 game. I'd have preferred a victor, but we continue to show very good improvement and our team stayed in the game. Most of all, we were hitting well and running well. We could easily have won; our two teams were a good match.

Our pitchers did very well. We are going to work with their teammates to make sure pitchers feel appreciated. It's a touch job!

Special thanks to Luke (Shanahan?) for doing our player tracking and scoring.

At our Tuesday practice we'll continue to work at hitting and grounders and we'll do some basic review on fly balls. We're also going to be working with our team to encourage their pitchers.

For all games we work to balance bench time, but there's one exception. Our catchers get extra playing time if they want it. Catching's a tough position and few want to do it, so it has some perks.