Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Coach John is back, catch up, snacks, positions, etc

Tim and I are back and catching up. I've heard some great stories about Bandit play and I was impressed with the gloves at practice today.

Coach Marty tells me players are now more settled in positions. I've added them to the Position spreadsheet. If anyone would like to play a position other than what I have listed please email me at jfaughnan@spamcop.net. I got the list quickly from Coach Marty and I'm sure it's not complete. Marty and Gregg tell me Luke, Chris and Mac have been strong in center field.

I'll work on the rotation for next game, we only have 3 games left, and one is a playoff! We are a good team and I am looking forward to our playoffs.  Remember 7/24 is a playoff game and Sat 7/26 is the Majors Tournament, so try to be around.

Ezra's family is bring a snack tomorrow.

If anyone will miss the game this Thursday please let me know so I can adjust the schedule. It's hard to do that at the last minute.

Gregg and Marty will both miss this Thursday's game. I'm hoping Peter will be able to help out again and I have a score-keeper book I need to rememer to get to him. Steve Warner promised to help out too so I think we'll be ok.

See everyone at the game!

Coach John