Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HGRA All Star Game - Sunday June 22nd - RSVP by 6/13

The All Star Game is 12 days away. We have to give Commissioner Dennis our player list by the 14th at the latest.

Eligible bandits include:

Miles Austin
Michael Brauns
Neil Gaworski
Joey Oconnor
Luke Peterson
McKinley Skinner

Collin Marrone (will play)
Tim Faughnan (will be away)

Please email coach John at jfaughnan@spamcop.net and let us know if your Bandit can play.

Here's some more information ...

all star 08

HGRA’s major league all star game is scheduled for Sunday, June 22. Here are the important details:

  1. All Major Leaguers with birthdates before 8-31-97 are eligible. This is our way of rewarding the kids who stay with the league.
  2. We generally play two games – one at 12:30 and one at 3:00. Players are assigned to the teams at random. We will notify them of which game they are in during the week leading up to the game.

  3. The games are loads of fun – we give the kids all-star shirts, have an announcer and sound system, play games and contests between innings and have a concession stand.

  4. The game will be played at the Highland Senior High softball field that we regularly use.

Thanks for helping get us this information!

Update: Our All Star Bandits will be

Miles Austin
Michael Brauns
Neil Gaworski
Joey Oconnor
Colin Marrone