Saturday, May 03, 2008

HGRA web site: Schedule and coaches manual

HGRA's web site is quite well maintained. It's easy to find even if you forget "", just google on hgra baseball.

It has several important references
  1. HGRA BaseBall Coaches Manual: An excellent guide to teaching baseball
  2. Directions to the fields
  3. Schedules: we're the Majors
  4. The Rules
A few things to note from the rules (Majors):
  • Maximum 6 innings, but no inning can start after 8:15pm
  • Maximum 10 batters. The 10th batter can't strike out, if there are too many pitches the umpire can ask the batting teams coach to pitch.
  • No lead offs.
  • Max 2 steals per inning, no stealing home, no steals on an overthrow.
  • If a player scheduled to catch the next inning gets on base, the player making the previous out may be inserted as a pinch runner.
  • Each team must designate an official scorer. This person (a fan or coach) must verify the score at the end of each half inning with the official scorer of the opposing team.
We use the infield fly rule. This rule exists to stop the 3rd baseman or shortstop from intentionally dropping a fly ball and then getting an easy double play due to a force on 3rd. It's a judgment call by the umpire, it would be poor form for a coach to request the call be made. They can make the call when
  • there's less than two out
  • there's a force out situation on 3rd base.
If the umpire invokes the rule then the batter is out, just as if the fly ball had been caught. Runners play as they would for a caught fly ball.