Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big thanks to the parents who helped out at practice

Thanks guys (happened to be all guys).

It was a terrific to have your help at practice. Please, keep helping out!

For everyone who'd like to keep warm during practice or a game, or help make this a good season for your child, we really welcome helpers.

HGRA teams always have a very wide range of ability, maturity and confidence, especially in this age range.

Even if your ball skills are similar to mine (pretty low, though I'm improving with practice) you can give one-on-one personal attention to a player who's restless or anxious. Anyone who can walk quickly can help cover open outfield positions or get the ball to a batting coach/parent.

Some players will benefit from a break to do some soft toss (minimal coaching skills required). Others can field grounders -- where an erratic throwing arm can be a feature.

So if you ever played organized ball -- you can help with the main group. Otherwise you can help with everyone!