Monday, May 12, 2008

Bandits notices: practice, uniforms, game schedule changes, volunteers needed, etc

  1. Practice this Tuesday May 13 will be at 7pm to 8:30pm Aldine field. That will be our regular time going forward. We'll hand out uniforms.
  2. Coach John F will miss the Thur game. We will need two parent volunteers -- one to keep score and one to help manage the bench and coach 1st base. Please let Marty or John know if you can help.
  3. The HGRA game schedule is being updated. After this week future Groveland games will shift to Riverside 1. I'll send out a notice when the website schedule is updated. I'll try to remember to bring a copy of the new schedule to our practice.
  4. I'm still missing a couple of email addresses. Joey and Miles I think. I'll review at practice.
  5. Eli Warner's family are going to bring treats for the 5/15/08 game. I'm going to try to sign up more treat families on Tuesday.
  6. We ask everyone to show up 20-30 minutes prior to the game (sorry, I earlier wrote 40 minutes, that's a bit extreme). Our first game vs. the Redhawks is the Homecroft Elementary East Field (Edgecume and Sheridan).
  7. Please bring water to the game for your player. (I have trouble remembering this for my son!).