Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seals: pitching clinic and extra 1/2 hour for next practice

The head coach (Marty) asked me to pass on two items:
  • the Pitching clinic Mondays 7pm Expo School softball field for Major and Minor league players is excellent. Click the link for details. All kids can benefit from the expert instruction, not just would-be pitchers. Learn what the pros teach, and watch some excellent ball players in action.
  • next Tuesday's practice will run an extra half-hour so we can prepare for the game. We can't start a half-hour early because there's a team ahead of us. We think this will be a one-time extension, we know it's late for some players (like my son Tim!)
I also would like to thank Sean and James, who were moved by my courageous display of awful throwing and have volunteered to help out at practice when they're available. The HGRA parents guide suggests five coaches for a practice, so there's room for at least two more. Some of our players would benefit from practice with a patient adult, even if the adult has even fewer ball skills than me.