Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Redhawks Update: roster, water, marking gear, helping out

Great game today. I now have pictures and jersey numbers of our team on the roster. As before the password is "hgra" (no quotes). Sorry for the hassle, there's a reason for the password. Now that we have everyone's picture on it I'll hand out copies next practice, or you can print your own.

The batting order starts out the same way every time (see the roster), it would help if you asked your child who's before and after them in the roster. If we can get them to line up that way it will help your beleagured assistant coach. Thanks also to parents who have volunteered to count against the roster so we know who's up next.

If you notice there's no-one coaching first or third please run out and join up. It's easy to do. No knowledge required, you can learn on the job.

It's going to get hot now (yay). If parents bring an old milk jug full of ice water and paper cups that's great. I'll try to remember too.

All our future practices are at Macalester, same field as today, 9am Saturday.

Remember to write your child's name on gloves, caps, and batting gloves.

I think that's all for now ...